Karate Programs

Empower Martial Arts was founded by Sensei Dean Mace and is a place of study for Karate, Character Development, and Life Skills. The main style taught at Empower Martial Arts is Shotokan Karate. This style emphasizes the perfection of ones character as well as ones technique. 


Dragon Program
This program is specially designed for the ages of 3-6 with fun, high energy classes and is the perfect choice for your child. It provides a one-of-a-kind choice for parents who wish to make sure that their child’s future is one filled with confidence and success, as well as an exciting adventure along the way in a safe environment.

Junior Black Belt Program
This program is for children 6 to 12 years old. The student will move through 12 belt levels (White to Black Belt). Each student receives three stripes per belt. The student must have parent approval in order to receive a stripe. This program is broken into three phases so that students are always challenged and motivated to learn new skills. The student will practice character development, life skills, karate techniques, self-defense, traditional forms, and a full study of the art of goal setting. This program is full of flexibility skills, endurance drills, and most of all fun! The ultimate goal is 1st degree junior Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

Adult and Teen Black Belt Program

This program is for students ages 13 and up. In this program we focus on flexibility skills, endurance drills, self-defense, and the history of karate. The ultimate goal is to have fun, get in shape, and work towards a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

We also have Self-Defense Classes

Black Belt and Beyond
This program is for those who have reached Black Belt and strive for higher degrees. The student will learn advanced techniques and begin an in-depth study of Shotokan as well as other styles of martial arts. As long as you are a student at Empower Martial Arts you will never stop learning and growing.

Brazilian Jiujitsu

This program is for those who are interested in learning the art of ground techniques. This is an exciting class that involves great conditioning exercises as well as insightful and intriguing details into the art of grappling and ground fighting. Experienced teachers. Great for all ages 8 and up. Classes are Tuesday evenings at 7:20pm and Saturday Mornings at 8:00am, See you on the mat!

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