I don’t feel like it


“I don’t feel like it” is a expression that we all have said at one time or another. We learn as grown-ups (hopefully) that feelings have little to do with getting the job done. We don’t parent only when we feel like it, go to work when we feel like, go to school when we feel like it, eat healthy when we feel like it, and the list goes on. 

Karate training has taught me to discipline myself and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. There are days that I simply don’t feel like working out but I get up, put my uniform on, take my shoes off, and get to kicking. After the session is over my mind, body, and spirit are thankful for the motion and workout. Karate has taught me to follow through and continue with the race no matter how I feel on that day. I was thankful for this lesson when I started my first job, went to college, started a business, got married, had children, and continue at the age of 40 to eat well, exercise, meditate, and live the karate creed.

You see life can’t be based just off a good day or a bad day. Sometimes you just have to show up, smile, and get the job done.

Sensei Dean Mace

Empower Martial Arts