Be thankful in both small and large things in this life

Be thankful in all things. In martial arts we bow before and after every class. Of course this represents respect but it is also a way of being grateful.  Within the bow we show gratitude towards those that have trained before us and those that have sacrificed much to make martial arts the practice we know today. We show gratitude for our country, our teachers, and for having the privilege of being a karate student.

Karate student or not we should all take a step back and be thankful for the people and opportunities we have in our lives…..even missed opportunities. Having a thankful heart and sprit can lead to better health physically, mentally, and spiritually. I truly believe that if you can wake your mind up enough you will find that your life if full of blessings and beauty. It could be hidden in the mud of disappointment, sadness, bitterness, or anger.

Let go, look around, and search yourself. Be thankful in both small and large things in this life. No matter what your faith is don’t loss it and be thankful for every moment you have.

Sensei Dean Mace